Angela Bonante

“Le Nozze Ideali originates from a great passion I developed about 10 years ago, when I realized that organizing weddings is a real profession.
My first stop was Rome, where I attended my first course for aspiring wedding planners. It was like being catapulted into a reality I have always dreamed of – I like to call it ‘my world’. After that wonderful experience I went back home with a lot of expectations, however, reality was far from simple. The wedding planner was a profession still unknown, it was not defined and that took some time to achieve visibility.
About four years ago, still motivated by my great inclination and enthusiasm, I was introduced a new theoretical and practical training that threw me into a difficult, yet wonderful path made of early mornings and late nights. I learned how to enhance those extraordinary emotions that only a successfully planned wedding can give.
As of today, I have certainly gained a solid experience I am really proud of as a result of so much sacrifice, and I offer to all those couples who want it, an organized and well-coordinated event with that detail that will make it unique”.

Francesca Bonante

“Born in Bari in 1986, I graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literature for Sustainable Tourism and in 2012 I got a Master of Science in Modern Languages for International Cooperation.
After several work experiences in the field of tourism and organization of congresses, corporate meetings and even scientific medical events, in 2013 I undertook a personal work, together with my sister, partner and already a Wedding Planner, by creating Le Nozze Ideali Wedding Planning and Events Agency.
In January 2017 following a training course I got the certificate of Wedding Planner.
I am currently responsible for the Event section of Le Nozze Ideali , creating and coordinating children’s events and parties.”