the wedding day is an alchemy of emotions

Prestigious Locations

Le Nozze Ideali collaborates with prestigious locations.
Approved facilities, set in stunning and suggestive venues, are ready to host you and make your day truly unforgettable.

Floral Projects

With the help of industry professionals, Le Nozze Ideali prepares tailored floral designs for every style and budget need.
A good floral design respects, with its shapes and materials, the structure of the place where it will be placed, thus exalting its peculiarities.

Wedding Invitations & Graphic Projects

How to present your big day to that special guest who will attend the event? Nothing is better than an invitation that speaks for itself with its simplicity and elegance.
A special invitation cared for with that detail that will symbolize your wedding.
Graphic projects, precious cards, new and modern forms: whether you like elegant, country chic, shabby or ultra-modern, Le Nozze Ideali meet the most picky and disparate demand.

Civil Rites

Often, the great fear of the couple who choose the civil rite is that it may result impersonal and not exciting.
Surely, the town houses appear to be “colder” than the romantic countryside church or a majestic Basilica. But with the support of Le Nozze Ideali, you will be able to organize a wonderful civil ceremony in dreamy locations, which associated with a direct and customized direction, will be as magic as a religious ceremony.

Tableau & Confetti

Tableau and confetti (traditional Italian confectionery consisting of almonds with a hard sugar coating) are definitely crafts and traditions of the great wedding day. The tableau “welcomes” the guests, intrigues them and lets them get an idea of what the couple decide to communicate. Each table has a name and each guest has a reference table. A convivial moment for the guests who, supported by staff members, take their seats for the reception.
Confettata: what would a wedding be without it…
Whether it is white or colored, it is great to taste it in all its varieties, from the most classic to the most innovative. Stuffed bon bons placed in layouts that are in line with the big day: they are the sweetest cuddle for the guest, who does not want to miss the last sweet tooth of the day.

Beauty Bride

The beauty and elegance of a bride is without any doubt fruit of a suitable and proper make up that suits her.
After choosing the bridal gown, the makeup and the hair style are of particular importance because they are the two elements that will frame and complete the beauty of the bride.
Also here, Le Nozze Ideali collaborates with the most important industry experts, who will address you to suitable makeup artists and hair stylists, as well as beauty salons with specific experience in the wedding industry.

Wedding Dresses

Looking for the wedding dress is one of the crucial moments of weddings and has a strong emotional burden both for the bride and for her entourage. The bridal gown is the protagonist of the event, there are so many expectations from the guests, of course it must be beautiful, but it must primarily represent the bride, her taste, her body and the style chosen for the wedding.
Our advice, if you wish, may be of assistance to direct you and accompany you to the best ateliers, to advise you on patterns and fabrics, and to balance the choice of the dress with the overall wedding context.
Industry experts will be at your disposal to help you choose the best!

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