Francesca Bonante
The party, an unforgettable event!

Baby Party

Organizing a party for children is not as simple as one may think: it requires the right foresights related to the age of the child as well as the chosen theme, not to mention the parents’ satisfaction and depending on the right balance between demands and budgets.
Departing from the “hand made” parties, our agency guarantees professionalism, quality and original ideas that will turn your baby’s party into a great success.
Our themed installations, our management and event organization have always allowed us to distinguish ourselves by giving a recognizing impression to our parties. We are very much in the quality of what we are doing in such a way as to make your event unique and inimitable. By relying on our experience, we will satisfy every taste and need and will dispense fun and unforgettable moments to your children.

Baptisms, Communions & Confirmations

There are unique and unrepeatable days in our lives, especially in that of a child. Among these are certainly the days when they receive the most important sacraments that help them growing: they already have an unforgettable emotional burden, but our experience and advice will support you in making the best choices to make these events unique.
Choice of location, menu, memories, decorations, confetti: these are only part of our support for you.
Our goal is to balance your demands and needs so that a day that will forever be in your heart will be even more special.

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